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About Porto Peramos

Your home in Greece

Porto Peramos... Your home in Greece... A resort where you can stay in winter and summer... Just 200 km away from the Turkish border; in Nea Peramos, the beautiful bay of Kavala... Just 100 steps away from the blue sea and golden sand... In this project, where the minimal design comforts you with simplicity, you can choose either loft or house with garden... What would you say if we offer you a new life just near Ammolofi, paradise of beaches?


Porto Peramos Flat Types

There may be (+/-) changes in 1 m2


Where is Porto Peramos?

A paradise just 460 km away from İstanbul, 320 km away from Tekirdağ, 420 km away from Çanakkale, 300 km away from Edirne... Easier to reach from İstanbul than to Çeşme or Bodrum... Your summer house in paradise where you can go for weekends...

Frequently Asked Questions

Porto Peramos with Questions
A Greek company owned by a famous Turkish construction company. Mim İnşaat which constructed more then 2500 flats in Çanakkale in 12 years has moved its experience to the other side of Aegean and established Mim Greece in May 2017. Porto Peramos is a project guaranteed by Mim İnşaat and in control of Mim Greece.
Of course. Only because of the agreements, the area between the border and Kavala is restricted. Porto Peramos project is in Nea Peramos of Kavala. So only by opening a Tax Number in Greece, you can have your properties and deed. Mim Greece will help you for this burocracy.
Of course. Just after we deliver the houses to you and the management of the resort begins. The only thing for you to do is to open a bank account. We will rent for you, and you will have your rents in your account.
Yes. Greece gives "residency permit" when you have property or properties valued more then 250.000 Euro.
Most asked "info pollution." Greece is a member of EU and like all others, members do not act on their own. Besides, once you have your deed, you have your right. And legal rights can not be withdrawn.
Yes. You will feel that friendship at streets, restaurants, tavernas etc.
Of course. After management of resort starts, due to the decisions of flat owners security employees will start.
Yes. You can give proxy in a noter-office in Greece and the rest we deal with him/her

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